Two Hours in Exchange for Two Years – What a Deal!

10.10.15 | Get Involved

If you’ve ever run for office, or helped somebody who has, you know how unusual Election Day feels.  If you’re the candidate, it’s a lot of “hurry up and wait”.  You’ve been hustling for weeks, even months, and then the day of decision comes…and there’s not that much more you, as the candidate, can do.  The irony is that, for as little as the candidate has to do on Election Day, their supporters have a ton that they can do to make a difference.  That’s where you come in.

Consider this: The candidates on the ballot are willing to give a significant part of the next two years of their life to make our community a better place. The eight candidates supported by One Portsmouth will make a meaningful difference in the competence, civility, and responsiveness of our leadership.

But they need your help – not two years’ worth of your help, but two hours of your help.  On Election Day, consider holding a sign for a few of the eight candidates profiled on this website.  Fill out the form you can find on the website, or here, and select time blocks on Tuesday, November 3rd where you can give an hour or two.  We’ll figure out prior to Election Day which of the five polling locations need the coverage.  Standing at the polls on Election Day is a lot of fun, and you see many friends who are enjoying coffee and conversation. Local elections are truly one of the most “civic” moments in our community, and the positive energy is refreshing.

Last point: In addition to Election Day, if you are able to give a few hours on the weekend leading up to the election (Saturday, the 31st, or Sunday, the 1st) to leave literature at voters’ doors, that is extremely helpful.  At the same page, you’ll find an opportunity to select short shifts to do some last-minute canvassing.  As somebody who has done countless hours of canvassing and door-to-door, it is one of my favorite activities – another true “civic” moment.

Sign up today – we have great candidates willing to give two years of their time, talent, and energy for our community. Will you give them two hours of yours?