Contact Your City Council

They're a click or call away.

While the jobs of mayor, assistant mayor, and city councilor are all volunteer positions (councilors earn $1,500 annually, and the mayor earns $2,000), they try to promptly respond to constituent outreach. There are multiple ways to reach them:

1) If you want to send an email to the entire nine-member Council at once, click here.

2) If you want to send an email to specific members of the Council, click here.

3) If you want to call specific members of the Council, you can find their numbers here.

Keep in mind that emails you send via these means are subject to the state’s “Right to Know” law (full description of this law, also known as RSA Chapter 91-A, can be found here).

In addition to direct outreach, every regular City Council meeting includes a public comment section, typically early in the evening’s agenda. You arrive at the beginning of the meeting, sign up to speak on a specific subject of your choosing, and then typically receive up to three minutes to address the full Council.

Finally, there are also public hearings sometimes scheduled. These are typically dependent on a specific proposal making its way through the legislative process (for example, a proposed bond or ordinance). Visit’s the city’s website to find upcoming meetings, which will include a link to the agenda for said meeting.