Get Involved

Get involved. Make your voice heard. With strong leadership, we will bring Portsmouth together.

There are many reasons to care about our community’s future: Your children’s education. Your neighborhood’s safety. Your future ability to afford your property tax bills. A vibrant downtown all of us can enjoy. In short — our quality of life. It takes many residents to create and cultivate a great community here in Portsmouth. However you are moved, we are asking for your help.

Together as one, we can make Portsmouth a place that works for all of us.

How Can I Get Involved?

We respect how busy life can get. That’s why we’ve identified a variety of ways to get involved. Whether you are retired, working full-time, a parent, involved in other groups or activities, or have limited mobility, there is a valuable role for you, and it will make a meaningful difference!

Ready to join the effort?

Join scores of your friends and neighbors in Portsmouth in lending your name to One Portsmouth, and tell candidates this fall that you support common sense and collaboration — not platitudes and polarization.

Support One Portsmouth