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This current City Council is one of the most diverse, analytical, and collaborative groups of nine in our local history. Leaders in other New Hampshire communities have already begun remarking at the effectiveness of this Council, which includes four returning members, four first-termers, and Mayor Jack Blalock, who returned to the Council after serving a term in 2008-2009. We’ll be adding short pieces all nine members’ backgrounds shortly – what follows are those already complete.

Jack Blalock – From Portsmouth, For Portsmouth

Joshua Cyr –  Focusing on the Vitality of Portsmouth

Chris DwyerThe Conscience of the Council

Brad Lown – The Common Sense that Comes with Experience

Nancy PearsonExperience, Energy, and an MPA that Knows the Arts

Rebecca PerkinsA Land Use Expert with a Commitment to Service

Eric SpearClear Eyes and Straight Talk



Holding signs for a few hours on Election Day on behalf of some of these great candidates. Walking your neighborhood the weekend before the election leaving candidates' literature on doorsteps. Spreading the word to your friends and neighbors via email, phone, or social media. There are many ways to support these candidates who are stepping up for our community. Let's step up for them!

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