Support These Nine Great Candidates!

One Portsmouth salutes all 18 City Council candidates who have filed for office this fall, and appreciates their willingness to serve.  One Portsmouth highlights nine of these candidates – four incumbents, a former member of the Council, and four others seeking their first term in office – as particular standouts.  Their diverse backgrounds and experiences, high intelligence, even-handed demeanor, and consistent, demonstrated commitment to civic engagement gives our community the opportunity to elect a Council that will be tremendously productive, collaborative, and reflective of our amazing community.  One Portsmouth is urging voters to support these nine candidates on Tuesday, November 7th (some of the names are hyperlinks to profiles written about them in 2015; whenever available, links to candidates’ websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter pages have been provided, as well).

Jack Blalock – From Portsmouth, For Portsmouth

Chris DwyerThe Conscience of the Council

Chase Hagaman – Please visit Chase’s website, campaign Facebook page, and Twitter page.

Brian Kelly – Please visit Brian’s website, campaign Facebook page, and Twitter page.

Rebecca Perkins KwokaA Land Use Expert with a Commitment to Service. Please visit Rebecca’s website and Facebook page.

Cliff Lazenby – Please visit Cliff’s website, campaign Facebook page, and Twitter page.

Beth Moreau – Please visit Beth’s website and campaign Facebook page.

Nancy PearsonExperience, Energy, and an MPA that Knows the Arts. Please visit Nancy’s website and Facebook page.

Ned Raynolds – Please visit Ned’s website and campaign Facebook page.



In addition, if you have any questions about how to vote (how to register, absentee voting, polling locations), click here to get the facts.

Finally, please consider volunteering for a few hours in support of these candidates in the final weekend, and on Election Day.  You can sign up to do so here.


Holding signs for a few hours on Election Day on behalf of some of these great candidates. Walking your neighborhood the weekend before the election leaving candidates' literature on doorsteps. Spreading the word to your friends and neighbors via email, phone, or social media. There are many ways to support these candidates who are stepping up for our community. Let's step up for them!

I want to help!