Upcoming Events and Meetings

Where the rubber meets the road - know when opportunities to learn and be heard are coming, and get involved!

There are many meetings in Portsmouth – both in and out of the context of local government – where important decisions and conversations occur weekly.  At One Portsmouth, we’ll attempt to keep a running list of upcoming opportunities, periodically highlighting those of particular consequence or impact (because of public input opportunities, key votes, etc.).  For City of Portsmouth governmental meetings, additional information can be found here. A list of upcoming events is below, but first, a brief description of a few committees that are new, and may be unfamiliar to most:

Mayor’s Housing Committee – In March 2016, Mayor Blalock announced the formation of this committee, which includes three city councilors, the chairman of the Planning Board, a PHA commissioner, the former chair of the ZBA, and three city employees.  The objectives of the committee include: 1) identify three new areas for incentive zoning that leads to new, authentic neighborhoods; 2) identify the characteristics of a desirable neighborhood; and 3) recommendations on how implement #2 into those neighborhoods identified in #1.

Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on the Prescott Park Master Plan – In January 2016, Mayor Blalock appointed this committee to create a master plan for Prescott Park , with a report back to the City Council no later than December 2016.


Wednesday, June 15th – West End Character-Based Zoning – A public informational meeting, 6:30 pm, Levenson Room, Portsmouth Public Library

Thursday, June 16th – Planning Board Work Session featuring Portsmouth Listens – Public comment is encouraged relating to a Portsmouth Listens-led discussion of the city’s Master Plan. 6:00 – 7:00, City Hall.

Monday, June 20th – City Council meeting – 6:30 pm, Portsmouth City Hall

Tuesday, June 21st – Housing Committee – 7:00 pm, School Department Conference Room, Portsmouth City Hall.

Wednesday, June 22nd – Prescott Park Master Plan public forum – The second of three opportunities to provide public input about Prescott Park’s future planning, 6:30 pm, Portsmouth City Hall

Saturday, June 25th – Prescott Park “Park Presence Day” public forum – The third of three opportunities for public input on the Park’s future planning, 11 am – 1 pm, behind the Players’ Ring Theater

Monday, July 11th – City Council meeting – 6:30 pm, Portsmouth City Hall

Friday, July 15th – Housing Committee – 8:30 am, School Committee Conference Room, City Hall

Wednesday, August 10th – Housing Committee – 8:30 am, TBD