Let's Keep Portsmouth Moving Forward. Together.

The 2015 election season brought hundreds of new people to the polls, and a strong statement from the community. We desire thoughtful, collaborative leadership that will focus on the fundamentals that have made Portsmouth one of the most successful small cities in America. With this mandate of problem-solving, optimism, and civility, encouraging more citizens to engage civically is more important than ever.

About One Portsmouth


Informed + Engaged = Empowered.

A primary goal of One Portsmouth is to be a primary source of thoughtful information and data for our community on key issues. Reasonable people can disagree, but starting with a baseline of facts allows for better debate, better choices, and better decisions.

The “Virtuous Triangle”

  • Respect for our taxpayers
  • Thriving local economy
  • Excellent public services
Our City Council

Our City Council

How Do I Make a Difference with My Councilors?

The current City Council is an exciting combination of community leaders that represent the blend of people that make up Portsmouth. Four are first-time councilors in 2016; four are incumbents who earned reelection; and our new mayor, Mayor Jack Blalock, returned to the Council in 2016 after serving a term in 2008-2009.

Contact your City Councilors

  • Mayor Jack Blalock
  • Assistant Mayor Jim Splaine
  • Councilor Rebecca Perkins
  • CouncilorChris Dwyer
  • Councilor Brad Lown
  • Councilor Nancy Pearson
  • Councilor Eric Spear
  • Councilor Joshua Cyr
  • Councilor Josh Denton

"The issues this Council will be asked to tackle in 2016 and 2017 are substantial. A new wastewater treatment plant. Additional parking downtown. Affordable and workforce housing. Annual budgets for public safety, infrastructure, and education. Comprehensive land use policy meant to honor our history - while embracing our dynamic future. And much more. When you have a thoughtful question or opinion, communicate with your City Councilors - it's part of how they learn!"


Get Involved

This is a critical time for Portsmouth’s future. Those that get involved determine our future. Will you be a part of building a stronger Portsmouth?

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