Let’s Elect a Great City Council. Together.

One Portsmouth wants to get more citizens involved in our civic life in the spirit of collaboration. Many outstanding residents have stepped up to run for City Council this fall. Nine are highlighted here as particular standouts. Learn about them here, and help them get elected on November 7th!

About One Portsmouth


Informed + Engaged = Empowered.

A primary goal of One Portsmouth is to be a primary source of thoughtful information and data for our community on key issues. Reasonable people can disagree, but starting with a baseline of facts allows for better debate, better choices, and better decisions.

The “Virtuous Triangle”

  • respect for our taxpayers
  • thriving local economy
  • Excellent public services


Who Are the Best Candidates, and How Do I Help?

One Portsmouth has been encouraging talented members of our community to get involved in civic life, including running for City Council in 2017. While everybody who runs deserves gratitude, nine outstanding candidates stand out. Learn all about them, and how you can help them, leading up to Election Day on November 7th!

One Portsmouth Endorses These Nine Outstanding Candidates

  • Jack Blalock
  • Chris Dwyer
  • Chase Hagaman
  • Brian Kelly
  • Rebecca Perkins Kwoka
  • Cliff Lazenby
  • Beth Moreau
  • Nancy Pearson
  • Ned Raynolds

"It's pretty simple - there are great candidates this fall, but they can only win with your support on Election Day (Tuesday, November 7th). Not registered to vote yet? Afraid you might be out of town on Election Day? Not sure where your polling location is? Want to help hold signs, knock on doors, or make phone calls? We've got it all covered for you. Good people are stepping up by running for office. Let's step up for them on Election Day!"


Get Involved

This is a critical time for Portsmouth’s future. Those that get involved determine our future. Will you be a part of building a stronger Portsmouth?

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